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You are here: HomeCartoon museums newsZemun Conference Reflection In Azercartoon

Zemun Conference Reflection In Azercartoon

Zemun Conference Reflection In Azercartoon

The III International Conference of the chiefs of World Cartoon Museums and of Cartoon Organizations was held in Zemun, town of Serbia from 1 till 6 September of this year. Guests invited from Belgium, Holland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Iran and Azerbaijan took part in the Conference and made speeches about the state of cartoon genre, activities and problems of cartoon museums and cartoon organizations in their countries. The participants of the Conference kept a minute silence in memory of Mr. Atila Ozer who was the Chief of Anadolu Cartoon Museum. Our country in Conference was represented by Mr. Bayram Hajizadeh, the Head of Azerbaijan Cartoonists’ Union. The exhibition consisting of works from museums of these countries and also other cartoon works was organized in the frame of the above mentioned Conference. The guests were met by the Mayor of Zemun town. Interesting meetings were held with famous cartoon masters of Serbia. Each of us came back from Zemun with good impressions.

Bayram Hajizadeh

Head of Azerbaijan Cartoonists’ Union{jcomments on}


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