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Cartoon World (Important News)

The Second Master Cup International Cartoon and Illustration Biennial-2011

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The Second Master Cup International Cartoon and Illustration Biennial-2011

Participation and Entries

1. Participation
The contest is open to all artist--Illustrator, Cartoonist, Printmaker and Painter around world regardless of nationality, age, sex, etc.

2. Entries
1) No entry fee.
2) The works whether they have been awarded in other contests and exhibitions previously will be accepted.
3) Artist should summit the original works. Any computer prints, slide, photograph, xerox will not be accepted.
4) The maximum seven entries should be submitted for each category.
5) The maximum size of the works should be 350 x 500 mm(13.78 x 19.69 inch) respectively.
6) Author's resume and photo should be submitted with entries together.
7) First name, Last name, Address, Email, Telephone number and category should be written on the reverse side of the works.
8) There are unlimited technique and medium of works, any painting, print making (cover any printmaking except digital graphics) and mixed art will be acceptted, works finished by computer or xerox will not be considered.
9) The entries must be flat protected with hard cardboard, or rolled in a hard case. The folded works will not be considered.
10) Please send entries to the address as follow:
Ms. Xiaoyu Hu
Master Illustration House
No.364 Lou, 341 Shi,
Jinqiaoshidai Community,
Yunjing Dong Lu, 101121,
Tongzhou, Beijing, P.R.CHINA
11)Please write "Don't bend" on the cover of envelope to prevent any damage.



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