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You are here: HomeNewsValentin Georgiev /The best cartoonist of the year

Valentin Georgiev /The best cartoonist of the year

The best cartoonist of the year


Pena Pai/Ares/ Boligan/ Kosobukin/ Georgiev /Dragostinov/Florian Doru/Igor Vartchenko/Ali Ferzat/Gatto/ Yalaz/ Gumush

Valentin Georgiev

The best cartoonist of the year

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Results of 2nd International " Yılmaz Güney"Cartoon Contest /Turkey 2012

 Results of the third CARTUNION International Cartoon Contest / Russia /2012

 Published names in Fax for Peace, Fax for Tolerance / Italy /2012

Results of SATYRYKON International Exhibition/polland 2012

99 Reached Works to the Final Judging Stage of International Wall.St Fall Festival

 Published cartoons in last Syria cartoon albums

2nd International cartoon contest/ Ruse/ Bulgaria2012

The 11th tabriz cartoon festival guests

Winners of the international anti-corruption cartoon competition 2011

Results of 11th Tabriz International Cartoon Contest-2011-Tabriz(Iran)

Results of the 2nd Retrofitting Cartoon Festival on Rural Housing -Iran 2011

 Published Cartoons in the 9th International Cartoon Biennale Pisek 2011-Czech Republic

Results of the first International Biennial of Resistance Cartoon Contest

Published Cartoons in the 1st Gold Panda International Cartoon and lllustration Competition Album-China 2011

The results of the International Cartoon Contest "Humour a Gallarate" /Italy

Participants of International Cartoon Contest "Humour a Gallarate" /Italy

Final list of participants in the Second International City and Citizen Cartoon Contest/Tabriz,Iran-2012

The 4th Mollanasradin festival of Republic of Azerbaijan-photo-last part

The Results of the Second Master Cup International Illustration Biennial-china 2011

Results of the 7th” Salão de humor de Limeira” International Cartoon Contest- Brazil 2011

Published Cartoons in Catalogue of 5th International Zagreb Car Caricature Exhibition /2011

Jury of 31st International Nasreddin Hoca /Turkey

Selected Entries for Second International cartoon Exhibition-Sofia 2011

Results of the 3rd International Humor Festival - Rio de Janeiro BRASIL

Final List of Participants/The First International Biennial of Resistance Cartoon/ Animation Contest

The results of 9th International Cartoon Biennale 2011/Czech Republic


JURY OF The 4th ""Molla Nasreddin"-Azerbaijan 2011" International Cartoon Contest

Results of International cartoon contest Volunteering Ruse, Bulgaria 2011

Results of 39 World Gallery of art on paper / OSTEN – 2011Macedonia

published Cartoons in "world of cartoonists Nasreddin hoca " catalog /Turkey 2011

published Cartoons in Tourism catalog /Turkey 2011

Final selection of cartoons for catalogue World Gallery of Cartoons(OSTEN) -Macedonia2011

Result of 17. "Golden Key 2011" - Slovakia

Volunteering Ruse, Bulgaria 2011

The best cartoon site


The best cartoon site

The best Iranian cartoonist

Candidates:Ziyayi-Rahmeti-Bahrami Rikani-Jahanshahi-Derambakhsh-Kheleji-Rezayi-Naseri-Abdi-Azimi-Azizi-Tabatabayi-Hoseynpur-Bijani-Ali Bageri-Takjoo

The best Iranian cartoonist: Kambiz Derambakhsh

The best Tabriz cartoonist

Candidates:Deldar-Garamaleki-Rahim(Withdraw from elections)-Asadi-Pirmarzabadi

The best Tabriz cartoonist : Farhad Garamaleki

The bets Cartoon magazine

Candidates:Khat Khati-Yeni Akrep-Alfaraeneh-Gag-Delidolu-Tanz-O-Caricature(Humor & Caricature)- Keshideh

The bets Cartoon magazine: Keshideh

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