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You are here: HomeNews Travel to Stock Doves` City ( the White City) – Part 3

 Travel to Stock Doves` City ( the White City) – Part 3

Travel to Stock Doves` City ( the White City) – Part 3
  Everything was new for one who is curious as me, everything could be normal but I tried to see them differently. It is a lie that I have not seen a large river, I've seen wider than the Danube but thinking about 20 years ago and remembering all my stupidities in the school that I couldn't keep the name of the Danube in mind, has its own favor; I sat next to the Danube. The Danube that I failed perhaps for its name! We ordered fish. Branko and Boyuna were accompanying us. They explained that the live fish are being taken from Danube River and then the fresh fish are cooked here. The restaurant was built on a wooden pier. People ate food, drank, smoked and talked loudly.  Fish was really fresh and tasty. On the other hand I was the interpreter of my friends from Azerbaijan. After lunch, I've struggled for updating my web site in hotel but I couldn't. The system had some problems and despite using the cable I couldn't connect. At night; we went to walk in the Zemun with Bayram and Mrs Konul and we purchased from its stores when we returned.
Bayram has an International ATM card and received Diner (Serbian currency).

  The first guests arrived from Romania.Florian Doru, museum director of Romania and his laughing and routed face daughter "Eliza". We made an agreement to go to Belgrad together.  Since Florian had won the first prize before in Zemun's contest, he knew the route well so he guided us to go to Belgerad by bus. Although after that we did not ride the bus. Because Bayram took the taxi and costs of traffic was meaningless to him. Bus fare was 5 Euros and we bought a bottle of carbonated water 1.5 euro and of course it is 4,000 Euros per meter of land that according the Europe standards these figures should be at this level.
  We got into a street in Belgrad that entering the cars to that street was prohibited like in other countries. The street where the people walk and watch the astronomical prices of goods. A rural man was eating food, he was a flutist and his flute had an air source of the goat skin as the flute of our rural, when a dog hit the flute, it produced a sound and the dog afraid. We walked the street for a while and I bought 7 paintings (post cards); each 5 Euros; from a painter and we ate lunch in the same street then returned.
  The guests arrived one after another. Peter Nieuwendijk director of Feco, Sigmund and his wife Warsaw museum director of Poland and Vejdan wife of the deceased Attila Ozer came too. I drank tea and soft drinks with them in the restaurant of hotel. I had a long discussion with Peter about Feco. I said my suggestions about Feco and of course I know that there are some limitations for Feco such as financial restrictions.
   I played Turkish and Persian music from my laptop computer for guests in the hotel at night. We talked, Sigmund showed his works. He is a qualified graphic artist and cartoonist. I bought traditional sweets of Zemun with Bayram from the back street. My internet still didn`t work and I didn't` know what was the problem!?
Our sweets have an attractive appearance but the same taste, while the zemun sweets had unpleasant appearance but different flavors.{jcomments on}
To be continued.....

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