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You are here: HomeResultsResults of the 4th International City and Citizen Cartoon Contest /Tabriz,2013

Results of the 4th International City and Citizen Cartoon Contest /Tabriz,2013

First prize:Trip to Tabriz next year-1200 dollar-Diploma

Grzondziel Krzysztof-Poland



Second prize:Trip to Tabriz next year-750 dollar-Diploma

 Tsvetkov Ivailo-Bulgaria


3rd prize:Trip to Tabriz next year-500 dollar-Diploma

 Benjamim Cafali-Brazil



 Mahmood Nazari-Iran


Atefe Yariyan-Iran

Makhmudjon Eshonkulov-Uzbekistan

 Popov Andrei-Russia

Damir Novak-Croatia


Children part

First prize 

Second prize

3rd prize



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  • Guest (benjamim cafalli)


    Congratulations to all. It\'s wonderful first prize. And thanks for the third prize.

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