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You are here: HomeResultsResults of 2013 University Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection / China

Results of 2013 University Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection / China

Results of 2013 University Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection / China

"Beautiful Nantong, China • 1895 Cup" Eighth International Environmental comic illustrator contest is sponsored by the China Daily, Nantong Municipal Government , UNEP, WWF, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Education Center , the China Environmental Protection Foundation, the China News comics international events will be jointly sponsored research .  This competition start in June 2013 , November 7 deadline , after five months of Call for Papers were received from China , the United States , Russia, France, Britain , Turkey, Singapore , Greece, Brazil, India , Argentina, Belgium, On Bulgaria, Iran , Ukraine, Romania, Thailand , Malaysia and other countries contribute nearly thirty seven thousand pieces .  After careful review of the judges , were selected out of a social group gold , two silver , three bronze , Award of Excellence 50 ; Student Gold 1 , Silver 2 Bronze 3 , Award of Excellence 50 . Awards ceremony until further notice.  Winners of social groups - Kazananlar:  Gold Prize - Altın Ödül:Hoogewerf (China)  Silver Prizes - Gümüş Ödüller: Lee Darling (China),series Jiang Bo Jun (China)  Bronze Prizes - Bronz Ödüller:Song Chen (China), Jitet koestana (Indonesia), Cai Xin (China)  Award of Excellence 50 - 50 Mükemmellik Ödülü (in alphabetical order):

  Jovcho Savov (Bulgaria), Andrzej Pacult (United States), Tan Xiaojun (China),  Hicabi Demirci (Türkiye), Valentin Georgiev (Bulgaria), Li Mingliang (China), Raul Zuleta (Colombia), Tawan chuntra (Thailand), Vladimir Semerenko (Russia), Bai Xiaodong (China),Zhu Forest (China), Vladimir Kazanevsky (Ukraine), Luc Descheemaeker (Belgium),Roger (China),Wesam Khalil(Egypt), Saeed Sadeghi (Iran), Daipei Cheng (China), Darsono (Indonesia), J.Bosco (Brazil), Sunzuo Fan (China), Axinte Doru (Romania), Jia DAB (China), Waldez Duarte Duarte (Montenegro), Liu Weiwei (China), Alexander Dubovsky  (Ukraine), Zhao Xiang (China), Wang Junping (China), Alfredo Lorenzo Martirena Hernandez (Cuba), Cao Yi (China), Hou Xiaoqiang (China),  Mehmet Kahraman (Türkiye), Wurong Fang (China),  Serdar Kıcıklar (Türkiye), Wu Yanjun (China), Sun Shen Ying (China), Makhmud Eshonqulov (Uzbekistan), Sun Baoxin (China), Pavel Gabriel, Virgil (Romania), Lize Feng (China),  Oğuz Gürel (Türkiye), Oleg Loktyev  (Ukraine), Qiu Liyong (China), Rahardi handining (Indonesia), Hao Guoping (China), Darko Drljevic (Montenegro), Xiang-Yu Yang (China), Roberto Castillo Rodriguez (Cuba), Li Bao (China)  Ahmet aykanat (Türkiye)




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