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You are here: HomeResultsWinners Of The 43rd International Exhibition of Piracicaba Humor/Brazil,2016

Winners Of The 43rd International Exhibition of Piracicaba Humor/Brazil,2016

Winners Of The 43rd International Exhibition of Piracicaba Humor/Brazil,2016 Drama refugees is winning work Theme Humor Salon Cartoonist Iranian Alireza Pakdel takes Grand Prix selection 2016. contemplated names were announced in Piracicaba Engenho Central.G1 Piracicaba Area Iranian Charge Alireza Pakdel won the Grand Prix award and Charge (Photo: Alireza Pakdel / Playback) Iranian Alireza Pakdel won the Grand Prix (Photo: Alireza Pakdel / Playback)

The Alireza Pakdel Iranian cartoonist is the winner of the Grand Trophy Award Zélio Gold of the 43rd International Exhibition of Piracicaba Humor (SP), with the charge on the drama of the refugees who have left the Middle East into Europe, but did not reach the destination .The work Pakdel won as best charge and accumulated premiums of R $ 10,000 and R $ 5,000.The names of the winners in the other categories of the competition were also known on Saturday night (27), in a ceremony held at the Municipal Theater Erotídes Fields in Central Mill.The other winners earning $ 5 thousand, are: Ronaldo Cunha Dias, Brazil (cartoon); Nasrin Abdosheykhi, Iran (caricature), and Mohamad Ali Khoshkam, Uzbekistan (strip / HQ).

Nasrin Abdosheykhi, Iran (caricature)

The themes of selection were included Rafael Correa, with the Mirante Water Prize; Pamarthy Shankar, India, with the City Council Award; Norbert Van Yperzeele, Belgium, with the mobility premium, and Darko Drljevic, Montenegro, with Health Unimed. The Alceu Marozzi Righeto prize will still be chosen by jury.honorable mentions were given to the cartoons of Brazilian Synnove HilknerBrasil and John Bosco Jacob Azevedoem to the cartoon of the Colombian Mauricio Parra and Angel Boligán, Mexico.
Indian Shankar Pamarthy won the City Council award (Photo: Shankar Pamarthy / Playback)

In caricature mode, the indications were for Pablo Lopez, Uruguay and, once again, to the Mexican Angel Boligán. Brazilian Silvano Mello and Carlos Eduardo Duarte da Silva received mentions in the category Strips / Comic Strip.

In Mobility Award, received honorable mentions Mojtaba Heidar Panah, Iran, Elena Ospina, Colombia and Evandro Alves, Brazil.

In the Health Unimed category, the reference was to Toso Borkovic, Serbia.

The award committee was formed by university professor Geisa Fernandes; by Professor John Lent, Pennsylvania in the United States, the Cuban artist Aristides Hernandez; the acting Secretary of Culture of São Paulo, José Roberto Sadek Neffa; by cartoonists Gilmar Machado Barbosa and Gualberto Costa and the journalist José Pedro Martins.

The 43rd International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba has 426 works on the main show, between cartoons, cartoons, caricatures and strip / comic books. The exhibition remains open to visitors until the 12th of October at Warehouse 14 Central Engenho, with free admission.

 Brazilian Rafael Correa wins Mirante Water Prize (Photo: Rafael Correa / Playback)

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